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Newsletter 5-2-16

Hi Everyone,

The last Guitar Pull @ Espresso Joe's for our winter/spring season will take place on Saturday May 14th (incidentally, one day after my birthday)!

This month's show features 1L, HAL, & Staten, with an acoustic opening set from O'Neill & Martin.

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


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Lazlo's Corner

As you have probably heard me say before, I am not a fan of awards or award shows, as they are a popularity contest, and have little bearing on talent.

That said, I just watched Cheap Trick's induction in to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, and it was a beautiful thing.

Cheap Trick have been around literally as long as I have (they formed as a band the same year I was born).

I remember sitting in my bedroom as a child hearing "Surrender" & "I Want You To Want Me", and all of a sudden jumping up and down, playing air guitar, and singing in front of a mirror.

In 1987, when Cheap Trick become pop stars for a brief moment thanks to their power ballad, "The Flame", becoming a huge hit, I finally got to see them of all places, Great Adventure. It was not the first concert I went to (that would be the Monkees' reunion tour the year before), but it was the first concert I remember just being engulfed by and fully in the moment. They put on an amazing show, a high bar that I think I subconsciously compare every rock show too. I left that show knowing I'd be seeing them again, and I have seen them many times since, often at the Birch Hill (back when it still existed).

It was not until the second time I saw them at Birch Hill that I realized as important as Cheap Trick has been, they were playing small venues, not by choice, but because for some reason they would never be as big as many bands they inspired.

A few years ago, Cheap Trick were the opening act on a tour with Def Leppard, and Poison, two bands that (for better or worse) were inspired by Cheap Trick. It still confounds me that Cheap Trick was not headlining that tour, but such is life.

But that is my point for writing this, not just to share my love of Cheap Trick's music, but because they've been together over 40 years putting out amazing albums and still putting on an electrifying rock show. They're not doing it for accolades. They seem to be happy with their place in rock, and getting to make albums and tour.

There are plenty of amazing bands around New Jersey, and the world, that may never make it to the level of Cheap Trick, but they still inspire other musicians and fans.

I know for me personally, I wouldn't still be doing if I didn't get inspired daily by new music that I hear.

The bands I play may never get the accolades they deserve, but know that if I played your music on any of my shows, you are in Lazlo's Music Hall Of Fame.

Thank you!



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. A Halo Called Fred - "Pignocerous of Spleebonia (Very Real Threats)" from "Lies, Damned Lies, and Songs by A Halo Called Fred"
2. Gored Matador - "Mr Officer" from "Luck Is For Fools Milk Is For Babies - rough mixes"
3. The Demiurge Mythos - "Wabi-Sabi" from "Empyrium"
4. Staten - "West, Someday" from "A Summary On What I Did Wrong"
5. CelloVein - "Isle Of Apollo" from "Bad Cellist"
6. The Dead Flowers - "Radio" from "Mountain House Blues"
7. HAL - "The Long Short Story of HAL" from "HALfire"
8. Rich Soni - "Sweet Grass Memory" from "04​-​03​-​16 (At The Fine Grind)"
9. Lou Cunningham - "Thoughts Like Leaves'" from "Music Made From Dirt and Air"
10. Casino Sundae - "The Missing" from "Singles Going Sundae"
11. Know Nukes - "Nepal" from "Know Nukes"
12. Backyard Cities - "It's Quiet Outside At 3 AM" from "It's Quiet Outside At 3 AM - Single"
13. Mother Goose - "Trenches" from "Pity Party"
14. Mad Feather Group - "High Babble" from "High Babble"
15. Red Stone Of Faith - "By Your Side" from "The Shawnee Shawnee EP!"


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Sugar Blue - "On My Way" from "Voyage"
2. Paula Boggs Band - "Miss Ruby Kirby Blues" from "Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues Volume One"
3. Bad Sounds - "Avalanche" from "Avalanche"
4. Kelly McRae - "Reach You" from "The Wayside"
5. case/lang/veirs - "Best Kept Secret" from "case/lang/veirs"
6. The Bo-Keys - "The Longer You Wait" from "Heartaches By The Numbers"
7. Dynazty - "The Human Paradox" from "Titanic Mass"
8. Pears - "Cloverleaf" from "Green Star"
9. Lita Ford - "Killing Kind" from "Time Capsule"
10. Adam Bricks - "When You Smile" from "Relations"
11. Sorority Noise - "Either Way" from "It Kindly Stopped For Me"
12. i see demons in the wood grain. - "punk" from "seek and take"
13. Tegan And Sara - "U-Turn" from "Love You to Death"
14. New Speedway - "Eye Eye Eye" from "Behavior: Holds"
15. Dr. Dog - "Badvertise" from "The Psychedelic Swamp"



That's all for this week folks.