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Newsletter 3-7-16

Hi Everyone,

This Saturday, March 12th, is the next Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe's.

It will feature Josh Bicknell, Jason Kundrath, and Paul Rosevear, with a special acoustic opening set from Deafening Colors.

The show is free, all ages, and starts at 7pm sharp.

Espresso Joe's is at 50 West Front Street, in Keyport, NJ.


Latest Updates on

MUSIC VIDEO: Son Of Dov - "Wheels(of your heart)" [live]
RECOMMENDATION: The Sun Days - "Don't Need To Be Them"
RECOMMENDATION: Sierra Hull - "Weighted Mind"
RECOMMENDATION: The Teen Age - "Glade Dreams"
MUSIC VIDEO: Tuff Turf - "out on the streets"
RECOMMENDATION: Clam Jam - "This Isn't Women's Basketball"
MUSIC VIDEO: The Porchistas - "A Piece a Junk"
RECOMMENDATION: Feeny - "No Beauty In Routine"
RECOMMENDATION: Glen Hansard - "A Season On The Line"
RECOMMENDATION: Art of Edgar - "Art of Edgar"
RECOMMENDATION: Timothy Hay - "time has a way"
RECOMMENDATION: Latvian Radio - "Until Tomorrow Gets In The Way"
RECOMMENDATION: Mavis Staples - "Livin' On A High Note"
RECOMMENDATION: Lost In Society - "I Want to Know"
RECOMMENDATION: Wishwell - "reasons ep"
RECOMMENDATION: Young in the City - "Young in the City"
RECOMMENDATION: Can't Swim - "death deserves a name"
RECOMMENDATION: Lisa Coppola - "just a little time"
RECOMMENDATION: High Waisted - "door"
RECOMMENDATION: Pinegrove - "old friends"
RECOMMENDATION: James - "nothing but love"
RECOMMENDATION: The Double Negatives - "The Double Negatives Demo"
RECOMMENDATION: The Wild Lips - "Live @ Big Sound"
RECOMMENDATION: The Boxcars - "Familiar With The Ground"
RECOMMENDATION: Karma To Burn - "62"
RECOMMENDATION: brenwell montgomery and the stone-cold sobers - "love songs for sara and for people who love songs"
THIS IS NOT A REVIEW: Jani Lane - "Catch A Falling Star"
RECOMMENDATION: the rosario focus - entire catalog
RECOMMENDATION: Jason Paulson - "crow river ramble"
RECOMMENDATION: Reckless Love - "inVader"
RECOMMENDATION: Ben Greenblatt - "The Past Six Months, or How I Learned to Smile Again"


Lazlo's Corner

This week I did the first, of hopefully many, interview Playlists.

One positive of doing embedded playlists is that I can now play an entire album, which I could not on internet radio.

If you haven't already, please check out my interview with Staten talking about his powerful new album, "Saint". The interview is intercut with his entire album, so you get to hear about the album while also hearing the album.

As always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.



This week on Presents New NJ Music we have new music from:

1. Lost In Society - "I Want to Know" from "Modern Illusions"
2. Feeny - "Altercations" from "No Beauty In Routine"
3. 3rd Time's A Charm - "Tip Toe" from "Local Zero"
4. Staten - "Madonna" from "Saint"
5. Luke Petela - "black coffee (demo)" from "demos from the dining room table"
6. Dylan Young - "Must Be Love" from "Must Be Love"
7. Art Of Edgar - "Pocket Change" from "Art Of Edgar"
8. The Hand Me Downs - "Don't Wanna" from "Demo 2016"
9. Insanity Theory - "Waste Away Girl" from "From the Band Room"
10. Timothy Hay - "Bruce Banner Walks" from "Time Has a Way"
11. Sleep In. - "Wisdom Teeth" from "Sleep In. 7""
12. Wishwell - "Bury Me" from "Reasons EP"
13. Clam Jam - "TMTMI" from "This Isn't Women's Basketball"
14. Tuff Turf - "Out On The Streets" from "Hunger & Haunt"
15. Goodbye The Band - "The Pink Singing Computer: Songs, Vol. 1"
16. Rob Jennings - "Feed Into Love" from "Feed Into Love"


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Week we have new music from:

1. Glen Hansard - "Didn't He Ramble" from "A Season On The Line"
2. Two Ton Twig - "Just Like Me" from "The Molting Session"
3. Jason Paulson - "I Don't Wanna Go Home" from "crow river ramble"
4. Telegram - "Taffy Come Home" from "Operator"
5. The Sun Days - "Don't Need To Be Them" from "The Sun Days"
6. The Dead Ships - "Company Line" from "Company Line"
7. Sierra Hull - "Lullaby" from "Weighted Mind"
8. Hayes Carll - "Sake Of The Song" from "Lovers and Leavers"
9. Mavis Staples - "Don't Cry" from "Livin' On A High Note"
10. Reckless Love - "Monster" from "inVader"
11. Latvian Radio - "Power Lines and Bedroom Blinds" from "Until Tomorrow Gets In The Way"
12. The Teen Age - "Glade Dreams" from "Bad Seed"



That's all for this week folks.