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Newsletter 5-13-14

Hey Everyone,

If you missed last night’s Lazlo’s Den Presents New New Jersey Music special, it will run again Friday @ 8pm. You can see the playlist from the show below.


The next Guitar Pull at Espresso Joe’s is this Saturday, May 17th!

The show will feature Keith Monacchio, Christian Beach, and Ed Tang, swapping songs and stories!

Special acoustic opening set from The Porchistas!

This will be the last Guitar Pull for a while, as we have some special summer shows planned for outdoors!

The show begins at 7pm sharp, and will end by 10pm, so if you’re looking for an early night out, or a show before another show, this is the show for you. And those of you that have been waiting for to do an all ages show, this is it!

Plus, Espresso Joe’s has great food, coffee, tea, and other beverages of a refreshing (non-alcoholic) nature. They also recently celebrated their 10th anniversary!


All this week on Lazlo’s Den hear tracks from Ed Tang & The Chops’ self-titled EP. Available for download this Friday. And see Ed tang this Saturday as part of’s Guitar Pull


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Lazlo's Den Playlist for New NJ Music Special 5/12/14

~~~ is always looking for more DJs interested in doing a specialty or eclectic music show. Interested? Contact us.


Lazlo’s Corner

I am sitting here watching a DVD of psychobilly band videos, and trying to figure out what to write about this week.

Would love to write some more “tweetview” reviews like I did for the last newsletter, but writing about music doesn’t really come easy to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am very passionate about music...I wouldn’t be doing this for nearly 14 years now (and DJing for nearly 23 years) if I didn’t love music . I am dancing in my chair right now to the psychobilly video while typing this sentence. But if you asked me to write about the band I am listening to right now the same “crutch words” I tend to use would come up over and over again. “Energetic”, “upbeat”, “fun”, “entertaining”, etc. I love music, but describing is such a personal experience...

...for instance, the other day I heard an old Bobby Brown song, and I know it was a cheesy song, but I had an emotional connection to it because it was popular when I was growing up. Even though my childhood mostly sucked, I still have this fondness to music from my childhood, as do do many people. If I was to review the Bobby Brown song today should I say it was bad even though it kinda made me happy to hear it?

I guess this runs along a parallel theme that I have spoke of before about awards being bullshit. Reviews are kind of bullshit.

A critic’s job is to try to make the reader believe that their opinion is important and persuade the reader to check out or avoid whatever it is they are reviewing.

No one should persuade you to like or not like something.

Instead of writing about music and trying to persuade you, I should just put up a link to a song or video and let you judge for yourself. I know what I like, you know what you like. Rather than creating a bias by saying something about a song, you can listen for yourself.

In my last newsletter I compared a band I liked to Weezer. What if you don’t like Weezer, you are immediately turned off to even listening to a band you may like even if you hate Weezer.

Anyway, above you read about how NJ’s own Ed Tang & The Chops have an EP coming out on Friday (and Ed Tang is going to be part of the Guitar Pull on Saturday). I could try to write a sentence or two about why I love this ep, but better yet, go here and here the first track of the EP for yourself:

I honestly had no idea this was going to be where this week’s corner went, but I am happy it did.

Hopefully you don’t feel like you wasted your time reading this.



This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Drivin N Cryin - songs for the turntable
Bry Webb - free will
Ed Tang & The Chops - Ed Tang & The Chops
The Both - The Both
Lindsey Cohen - grace under pressure
Graham Murray - ep
The Howlin’ Brothers - trouble
Spookyland - silly fucking thing
Stand Up And Say No - assuming loyal
Hezron - the life I live(d)
Edguy - space police defenders of the crown
Annihilator - feast (limited edition)
The Len Price 3 - nobody knows

Full playlists with links to all the bands at Support Good Music!

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs on Tues @ 8pm, Wed @ 11am & 10pm, Thurs @ 3am & midnight, Fri @ 9am & 3pm, and Sun @ 8pm (all times are eastern time zone)

And last night on our New NJ Music Special (re-airing Friday @ 8pm) we played new music from:


Ed Tang & The Chops - Ed Tang & The Chops
The Brummy Brothers - on our way
Black Wail - Black Wail
Little Dipper - the last broadcast
JNMF - feel good hit
TV Tramps - rip it up!
Monterey - the king’s head ep
Goodbye Tiger - who do you call home?
The Black Sox Scandal - forward progress ep
Bruce Tunkel - bootleg series vol. 3
Roy Orbitron - jeffrey lynne
Heavy Flow - Heavy Flow
Coy Kids - youthful days
18th & Addison - 18th & Addison
Jim Mill - will you still love me tomorrow


Our on air schedule at is

Here’s the programming schedule for this week:

Concert Preview Show – Sunday thru Saturday @ 7pm ET

Lazlo’s Den - Monday thru Friday @ 8pm ET, replay @ 11am ET

Lazlo’s Den presents New Music - Tues @ 8pm ET, Wed @ 11am & 10pm, Thurs @ 3am & midnight, Fri @ 9am & 3pm, Sun @ 8pm

‘Rock N Roll Gas Station’ hosted by Jim Testa - Thursday @ 10pm ET, Sun @ 7pm, & Mon @ 6pm

Signal To Noise hosted by Al C – Sunday @ 10pm ET, Monday @ noon


That's all for this week folks.