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Newsletter 3-13-12

Hey Everyone,

We have not one, but three weeks in a row of BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert Series shows coming up at Buddie’s Tavern:

Saturday April 28th - The Porchistas, Jonathan Andrew & Eric Blankenship

Saturday May 5th - *Special show* (announcement soon)

Saturday May 12th - Lazlo’s Birthday Bash! : Sleepless Saints, double-breasted, Jon Caspi

Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ

Mark your calendars now!


Lazlo’s Corner

Several weeks ago I raved how good THE BRIXTON RIOT’s album, “PALACE AMUSEMENTS”, is. Well know you can hear it for yourself as it is now available!
You can purchase here:
Or sample a few songs from it here:
And you can see them live in NJ:
3/23 - The Brixton Riot, Roadside Graves, Lieder, Eastern Anchors @ Maxwell's

I finally made it out to catch the amazing WORKS SERIES of shows that Keith & Sheli Monacchio put on at Green Planet Coffee. This month featured TOMMY STRAZZA and MICHAEL BRETT.
Read my full review (with photos) here:

Over the years I have heard the name THE BAND OF HEATHENS, I am pretty sure I had even heard some of their songs on NPR stations, but I failed to seek out more information about this Americana/jam/roots rock band. That was a mistake on my part that I recently rectified by getting a copy of “THE DOUBLE DOWN LIVE IN DENVER VOL. 1 & 2”, a 2 CD/2 DVD collection of songs recorded live during a two night stand at Cervantes’ Other Side. I started by listening to both CDs and was instantly taken in by the catchy songs that deftly combined their Americana sound with jam band grooves, and a hint of country. Inside my head I pictured The Band Of Heathens rocking Red Rocks, with a full on light spectacle on a glorious outdoor summer stage, with some full on rock moves. The illusion was magical and left me with an all encompassing good feeling. Of course the illusion was shattered when I put the DVD in and saw that they were playing a tiny, dark venue, with limited lighting or movement by the band members. Not sure why they chose to release the DVD, but the collection is well worth getting for the amazing music, even if the video footage was less compelling than the songs.
The Band Of Heathens have two area shows coming up (none of which are in NJ):
3/30 @ Hiro Ballroom
3/31 @ World Café Live

ANTI-FLAG are back with 12 new political punk rock songs. “THE GENERAL STRIKE”, shows that Anti-Flag still have plenty to say about the state of the world, and they do it with fast, catchy, smart rock and roll. In fact, their new video for, “this is the new sound”, gives light to the National Defense Authorization Act and has a link to an Amnesty International page to find out more and take action. You can watch the video here:

What is it with Canada? Some of my favorite albums so far this year have come from Canadian bands. Add to my ever growing list, “FLICKERING FLASHLIGHT” (out on 3/27), the new album from ADAM & THE AMETHYSTS. Call it chill-pop if you will, the light, mellow, yet upbeat combination of acoustic instrumentation and synthesizers, blended with the lively vocals of Adam Waito (often harmonizing with the other two members of the band), is soothing, relaxing and fun. To put it simply, I love this album!
Check out the video for their song, “prophecy” here:

YARN is back with an amazing new album, “almost home” (out on 3/20). These Brooklynites have been making incredible roots/Americana/Country/Rockabilly music for the last few years and their new album brings it up to a new level. I can’t even begin to tell you how great this album is. Probably the most enthusiastic thing I can say is that I have listened to this album three times in the last week, while I should have been listening to other albums that I have yet to listen to. Yeah, it is that good!
Yarn have 3 area shows coming up, including one in NJ (yippie!)
3/23 @ Hiro Ballroom
3/24 @ Tin Angel
3/30 @ Blairstown Theater

I found the perfect music to listen to while cleaning up, working out, of when I just feel like dancing the goofy dance I enjoy doing in the privacy of my own home. Brooklyn’s MOON HOOCH is a saxophone/drum trio that does upbeat dance instrumentals. They dub their music, “cave music”, to me it is reminiscent of the jams that Ozomatli does in the audience at the end of their shows. Those jams always make me happy, and so to does the music on Moon Hooch’s self-titled album. The only negative is that if you are just sitting and listening to this album straight through it may get repetitive sounding, but if you’re just sitting while this album is playing you are missing the point altogether.
Moon Hooch has two upcoming Brooklyn, NYC shows (how about bringing the party to NJ guys?)
3/16 @ Knitting Factory
4/13 @ Knitting Factory

Comedy albums are still alive and well! DOUG STANHOPE just released a new comedy album, “BEFORE TURNING THE GUN ON HIMSELF…”, and it is downright hysterical. Of course if you are easily offended or a big fan of Dr. Drew (there is a funny and poignant rant about the TV doctor), this may not be the album for you. Everyone else should the album out, as even when I didn’t agree with what he had to say I couldn’t help but laugh at what he was saying. There is also a brilliant short bit about the laziness of some pop songwriters that practically had me hyperventilating. And he mentioned (sadly departed) comic legend Mitch Hedberg!

While flipping through channels late Friday night I discovered that ska/punk band The Aquabats have a new live action series on the new kids network, Hub. The band has long played upon the mythos of them being superheroes, so should it be a surprise to anyone that the show is called, THE AQUABATS! SUPER SHOW! The family friendly show is a perfect throw back to 60’s Batman mixed with Sid & Marty Kroft shows. Hell yeah it’s cheesy, but that is part of the fun!
You can watch the first episode on-lien right here:

And I leave you this week with a dramatic cover of Iron Maiden’s classic “run to the hills” by Bunny West. Her debut album comes out later this year.


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Doug Stanhope - before turning the gun on himself…

Pennywise - all or nothing

Whitehorse - Whitehorse

Anathema - weather systems

Bunny West - run to the hills

Sara Radle & Jake Gideon - September gurls

Yarn - almost home

The Band Of Heathens - the double down live in Denver vol. 1

Alyson Greenfield - Michael Cera cockblocked me at SXSW

The Pack a.d. - unpersons

Twin Trip - Twin Trip

The Brixton Riot - palace amusements

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