Newsletter 7-28-08

Hey Everyone,

I am in mourning…last week while recording Lazlo’s Den my very first CD player died.

Back in early 1993 I remember selling several comic books in order to get the money together to buy a really nice 6 CD changer.

For over 15 years I listened to thousands of CDs on that player, most of those CDs good, some not so good. I’d love to say it died while playing a really horrible album, but it died while playing one of my favorite albums of this year (so far).

I never named my CD player any name other than CD1 (as in CD player number one). Rest In Piece CD1, we enjoyed a lot of music together.

CD1 1993-2008


On to other things…


Banding Together: a Benefit for the Spondylitis Association of America is coming together nicely.

On Saturday October 11th, we’ll be doing a benefit concert at Buddie’s Tavern (and there will likely be other shows going on in other parts of the country).

Then we’ll be doing a 48 hour webathon on & beginning Friday October 17th at 7pm ET, and ending on Sunday October 19th at 7pm ET. The webathon will be featuring performances by over 60 bands!

Also, during the entire month of October, we’ll be auctioning off some really cool stuff on E-Bay with proceeds going to the Spondylitis Association of America

More info on all of this soon.


Some new reviews on & of a New Order concert DVD, and a trio of summer movies (Indy 4, Wall-E, Dark Knight). Enjoy J

~~~’s Free Concert at Buddie's Tavern will return on Saturday Aug. 23rd with New Day Dawn, Zigman Bird, and the Brixton Riot, and we’ll be doing a special show the Friday after, Aug. 29th, with the band who put out my favorite album of last year, The Winter Sounds! Also on that bill will be Kosmic Daydream, and Alter Ego.


Concert Picks of the Week

Lazlo (
It's time for the annual Cliffstock party this Saturday at Gavornik Park in Dunellen. This year Cliffstock features sets by Little Dipper, Through Eden, The Professors, Super Satellite, and Spiraling.

Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)
Thursday, July 31
PALE NIMBUS, The Werewolves, The Meltdowns - Southpaw, 125 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn - 8 pm, $8, 18+

Jersey City's Meltdowns bring their frenetic indie funk to the heart of Brooklyn hipsterdom with their first appearance at Southpaw. Expect the Jersey boys to hold their own. With the Werewolves, Pale Nimbus


And now it's time for this week's Pissed Off!

Hollywood loves to do remakes of films that have worked in the past. Just look at the multiplex any given weekend, and you’ll likely see several remakes, as well as several sequels, and movies based on TV series/comic books/books/etc.

To say there is a lack of originality in Hollywood is to state the obvious.

The worst part is, most of these remakes pale in comparison to the original.

That’s why I was horrified to read this last week:

“MTV readies 'Rocky Horror' redux
Network to remake 1975 cult classic”

What is MTV thinking?!?!?

Weren’t they happy enough removing music videos from their channel? For those to young to remember, MTV used to stand for Music TeleVision. These days it seems to stand for Minus The Videos.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic film. It was never a great film. It was a film with great songs, and an ok story, that has survived all these years because people go to midnight screening and talk during the movie (the one time it is ok to do so in a theater), making their own jokes to go with the film.

Generally the excuse given for remaking a movie is that people have forgotten about the original, or that a younger generation needs to be reintroduced to the film because they have never seen the original. That’s not the case with Rocky Horror. It was a rite of passage for the outcasts when I was in high school back in the late 80’s, and it’s still a rite of passage for teenagers across the country. It still shows every Friday night at midnight at a theater just minutes away from where I live, and that’s just one of many that show it every weekend.

Why sully the cult popularity of the film with a remake that just by virtue of being a remake and not the beloved original is destined to be a disaster? Was nothing learned from the remake of Psycho? Or Star Wars (to me, the “special editions” are remakes)? Or (insert a remake that offended you here)?

If MTV had any common sense…well if they had any common sense they wouldn’t be MTV, just look at their programming (and lack of music videos).

But seriously, the thought of a remake of Rocky Horror is horrifying.

I shudder to think what type of casting we can look forward to: Miley Cyrus as Janet, Shia LeBouf as Brad, and Zac Efron as Dr. Frank-N-Furter???

And equally as important, by showing it on MTV instead of in a theater, you are missing the point of the Rocky Horror experience entirely.

There’s MTV’s new motto:

MTV: Missing the Point…or should that be MTP?


That's all for this week folks.