June 18th, 2007

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Message From Lazlo

Hi Everyone,

First off, I'd like to thank everyone that came out and supported's Free Concert Series on Saturday. Amazing sets were put on by Souls Release, Second Dan, and Billy.

Several people have e-mailed me asking why Second Dan, a New York City based band, were on a bill put together by, a station dedicated to NJ rock.

As many of you know, for the last few years I have been doing, which spotlights music from around the world, and my CD and live review blog also spotlight bands from NJ and around the world. Back in April I even started listing non-NJ bands playing in the area on the concert calendar. Believe me when I say that is still committed to supporting New Jersey's indie rock scene, but sometimes an opportunity arises whereby I can help a band I think is great to play a gig in New Jersey. That is an opportunity that I intend to make the most of. I hope you not only understand, but appreciate what I am trying to do. As always, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail me with your questions, thoughts, and comments.


Another thing that I have recieved several e-mails about in the last few weeks is the status of the Jukebox. I realize it has not been updated in over a month, and that is because I am working on making the jukebox even better.

As regular readers of this newsletter know, the upcoming royalty rate increase may destroy internet radio (please remember to check and see how you help). It is my intention to keep the jukebox alive by getting bands permission to waive their royalty rights so I can continue to stream their songs on the jukebox. I also hope to add lots more songs to the jukebox, so instead of a dozen, it has a song from as many NJ bands on it as are willing to have their music on it. I will be sending out an e-mail to bands soon to discuss this with them, however itnerested bands can feel free to contact me now. So those of you waiting for an update to the jukebox, sit tight, it's coming soon.


This week on I'll be cleaning out the prize vault and giving away CD prize packs and maybe even some DVDs and 45rpm records. Tune in every night at 8pm ET for your chance to win!


There is a new CD review up on my blog, for the new disc by the Winter Sounds. Check it out!


Album of the Month
Matt Fisher & The Telephone Junkies - "the clock doesn't stop"

Matt Fisher and the Telephone Junkies play rock and roll music.

Fisher's songwriting style is heavily influenced by artists like Elvis Costello and Ben Folds, while the instrumental arrangements add the power-chord rock and simple, driving grooves of groups like Weezer. To top it off, Fisher and the Junkies provide an extremely tight and entertaining live act.

It all adds up to create a unique and memorable sound and a live show that is certainly worth seeing, especially in the age of auto-tune and ProTools. These boys remind us of what live rock and roll is all about. If you feel like you recognize a few of them, it's probably because you've seen them before. Fisher and Jones were previously in a group called the Sly Caps, who were featured on MTV's Made and Total Request Live (see MTV video here). After touring extensively in support of the band, Fisher thought it best to disband the group after having some creative differences.

As a solo artist, Fisher was backed by a revolving door of players, but in December 2005, Voinski and Jones decided to join the group for the long haul. Though the group entertained a line-up as a quartet for a while, it became apparent after a few months the group performed best as a trio. If you want to check out a great live act and meet a group of charming gentlemen, currently you can see Matt Fisher & the Telephone Junkies throughout NYC and in their home state of New Jersey.

New Songs Added This Week

Downshallow good friend electric


June 2007(Oradell, NJ) – The rock band Kosmic Daydream was selected by Mind Trip Productions for a feature role in the upcoming music film project, “Mind Trip to Musicland’s: In the Face of Destiny”.

The film is a ‘musicfiction’, the story centers around the subject of music and like science fiction, good against evil; a music science fiction fantasy. This film is the sequel to Mind Trip's current project on DVD called "Mind Trip to Musicland’s: Power Over Your Destiny”.

Mind Trip has cast actress/model Angel Monroe in a lead role. For the bands that are a part of this feature film, it would be like shooting a music video.

Kosmic Daydream, dubbed the originator of the neo-psychedelic genre, is comprised of Jeniffer De Los Santos (Kosmic Goddess), Jimmi Dylan (guitar), Adam Hirschman (bass), and Jose Cruz (drums). The group performs extensively in the NYC-metro area, and is currently recording an album.

Sol Music Management, which represents bands/artists like 'Anvil', 'Diamond David Lee Roth', 'Dokken', 'Paul Di'Anno', and 'Twisted Sister', is also involved in the project.


the latest anderson council news...


we hope all is well with you and yours. we have some news for you. here goes....

1. our song "strawberry smell" is in the film "i'm reed fish", which is being released in select cities on june 1st. it will be playing at quad cinema in nyc.

please go see it.

2. here's a groovy clip from youtube of the song...

3. the anderson council, along with a bunch of the ny/nj bands that also have songs in the film, will be playing a pre-release party at the rodeo bar in nyc on may 31st. for more info...

4. we regret to inform you that mr. jimmy charles has left the band. suffice it to say that we will miss him and his incredible talent. we will eventually be holding auditions to find a suitable replacement. if you or someone you know would be interested in auditioning, please respond to this email address.

as always, thanks for listening! we hope to see you soon.


Concert Picks of the Week

Lazlo (

Friday Fairmont celebrates the release of their new cd, "wait & hope", at the Clash Bar. I may not be a big fan of the club (read my review of Mod Fun's CD release show), but Fairmont's new CD is really good and may be worth putting aside me dislike of the Clash Bar.
Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)

Two great shows this week!

Friday, June 22
SCREAMING FEMALES (CD release show,) The Measure (SA), Lost Locker Combo, DD/MM/YYYY - The Parlor, 233 Hamilton St. New Brunswick - $6 ($4 with donation of food or musical equipment for Willie Mae Camp for Girls), 8 pm, all ages

The Screaming Females are one of the most exciting young bands in New Jersey, and there's no place better to see them than at a sweaty basement show in their hometown of New Brunswick. A wicked combination of post-punk screech and yowl and classic rock technique, the 'Females are guaranteed to blow you away. The Measure (SA) are an up-and-coming pop-punk combo in the Ergs tradition, while the Lost Locker Combo are a hilarious theatrical punk band from NYC.

Saturday, June 23
GLENN MERCER, Wild Carnation - Maxwells, 1039 Washington St. Hoboken - 9 pm, $10, 18+

This is the CD release party for Glenn Mercer's first solo album, which follows very much in the tradition of his classic Eighties band The Feelies as well as his post-Feelies groups Sunburst and Wake Ooloo - murmured vocals, hypnotizing riffs, undulating rhythms. Openers Wild Carnation has a Feelies connection - bassist/frontperson Brenda Sauter played with the Feelies in the band's final incarnation.
Upcoming Concerts

Concert Picks of the Week

Gary Wien (Upstage)

Got two picks for this week. On Thursday, June 21st see the debut of Anton Roolaart and his band at the Saint in Asbury Park. Anton's got a wonderful new prog-rock CD out that is getting great radio play around the world. Then on Friday it's Copesetic, Never The Nines, and Terminal Reynaldo at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick. If you remember the former Brunswick band Shade, you'll want to check out Terminal Reynaldo - several members of Shade are involved in that band.
Jared Migden (WRSU)

Friday night will be another early show coupled with a late show in New Brunswick. First off, David Hassle Cough makes their Southwest Burrito debut. Later in the evening, Terminal Reynaldo returns to the Court Tavern.

Concert Calendar

Tuesday June 19th
Michael Ambrose, John Tornquist, The Alien Blakk @ Brighton Bar

Wednesday June 20th
Milky Chicken Spit, Tuffy McGee & The Instigators @ Brighton Bar

Thursday June 21st
Allie Moss
The Bitter End
147 Bleecker St
Cowboy Mouth @ B.B. Kings Club
Tears in the Sahara @ Brighton Bar
Kurt Reifler @ Lit Lounge

Friday June 22nd
Clash Bar
39 Harding Ave
Mike Ferraro & the Young Republicans
The Stone Pony
913 Ocean Ave
Asbury Park
Gerry Perlinski

Souls Release
The Acoustic Cafe
100 Hibernia Ave

Never The Nines

Terminal Reynaldo
The Court Tavern
124 Church St
New Brunswick
Mouth Of Wilson
McGuinn's Tavern
1781 Brunswick Ave
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes @ B.B. Kings Club
Ingrid Michaelson @ Joe's Pub
The Takers, Black Irish, Sixteen Star General, The Choices @ Brighton Bar

Saturday June 23rd
Six To Eight Mathematics
The Iron Monkey
97 Greene St
Jersey City
Ween, the Weakerthans, School of Rock All-Stars w/ Jeff "Skunk" Baxter @ Asbury Park, NJ
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes @ B.B. Kings Club
Solace, The Humanoids @ Brighton Bar

Sunday June 24th
Bad Brains, Bouncing Souls, School of Rock All-Stars w/ Vernon Reid @ Asbury Park, NJ
Cornell Dupree & The Soul Survivors @ B.B. King's Club
Benefit for THE UNSUNG HEROES FOUNDATION: Lousy Break, Ambergris, Old Towne Toughs, The Turnpike Wrecks, The Boils @ Brighton Bar

Monday June 25th
Adrian Belew @ B.B. King's Club

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