Broadcast live on our station 7/9/24 @ 7pm ET

Joe Di Zillo - "Lotta Love" from "Lotta Love [single]"
Telejet - "She Speaks Her Mind" from "Spiritual Age"
furiousBall feat. Mr Wu's Pigs - "BFF" from "BFF [single]"
Red Kross - "The Main Attraction" from "Redd Kross"
Sammy Kay - "Don't Like Surprises" from "July 1960"
Tony Stives - "Of a Certain Age" from "The Corner of 62 and 3rd"
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness & Something Corporate - "Death Grip" from "Death Grip [single]"
Jim Slatts and Josh Coker - "Potential Spam" from "Paper Airplanes"
Virginity - "Any Good Thing" from "Bad Jazz"
Ghost.Wav - "House Is On Fire" from "House Is On Fire [single]"
Childish Gambino - "Little Foot Big Foot (Ft. Young Nudy)" from "Altavista"
Lunar Vacation - "Set The Stage" from "Set The Stage [single]"
molchat Doma - "Son" from "Son [single]"
captain chemical band, Pixie Post & Sean Faust - "(Theme from) The Monkees" from "(Theme from) The Monkees [single]"
Wilco - "Say You Love Me" from "Hot Sun Cool Shroud [EP]"
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